Meandering Projections

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Humans as a species become meandering spirits that ebb and flow into and out of spaces through a sequence of time. The project investigates the ability to create a storage space for the Penn Museum archives in a way that both progresses public space and retains the integrity of the site through forms that both unify and personify the threshold of the museum into the new extension. By using human’s natural meandering psyche as the inspiration for the curvilinear pathway of circulation, Meandering Projections attempts to mine latent architectural potential from forms created through curve in order to form more complex surface articulations. 
By using a curve as the starting point of these masses, these chunks can begin to take on other intriguing qualities such as texture, geometry, and density of form. What started out as chunks can begin to create one unified entity interwoven by storage space; speculating on what is archive, what is wall, and what is poche. The project allows for interstitial spaces to fluctuate, entertain, and mystify inhabitants in order to further speculate on the enigmatic spaces we crave daily.
The meandering forms are reformulated by the modular component which create a categorical map of essences that can be picked and probed to create a enigmatic circulation. The three components of modularization were used to crate the forms which shift from macro to micro scale through levels of degree and kind; both of which have been sifted through a filter of materiality and light conditions. These forms create a new kind of filtration into viewing the building from outside the site, much like we view artifacts today through glass or from afar. Because one approaches the site to meander around and through these volumes, the creation of the site’s landscape and massing relationship begins to speak about how we ourselves will also approach the exhibition space, peer into an alloted container, and develop an opinion on the perception we see as we revolve around the “pedestals.”

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