Object Obscuration

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Photo of Analog Model 1/5
Photo of Analog Model 2/5
Photo of Analog Model 3/5
This project was the final iteration of a semester-long architecture lab with a visiting professor as guide [Adam Fure, collaborator at SIFT Studio]. The central theme of the lab was to create an object with architectural qualities which contributed to the theme of object redux. Object redux conducted analysis on the form of found objects in order to mine latent architectural potential.
Photo of Analog Model 4/5
Photo of Analog Model 5/5
The premise surrounding our project was to create within the realm of representation, a resolution during the transition between mediums: creating the possibility of emulating new objects. Through the use of photogrammetry to create objects shown above, we combined these rock-like objects with computer modeled rocks to create a plane of eminence where all objects are equal in ontology.
Render of Digital Model 1/5
Render of Digital Model 2/5
Render of Digital Model 3/5
Render of Digital Model 4/5
section render
Potential Section Render
Collection of objects
Exploded axonometric of earlier iteration
Potential representation of rock planes

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