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Popcorn 1/3

Popcorn 2/3

Popcorn 3/3

Below is shown another photogrammetry study tested on an anthropomorphic object: The Barbie Doll. This barbie was scanned and manipulated digitally to create an object that begins to combine the human form along with a typical office or residential apartment. The question that was looking for an answer in this study was what could happen when we take into account human qualities in the most literal way, as well as studying the representational reprimands of what the object's qualities demanded. The texture from the scan was also mapped on the UV coordinates of the object.

Barbie photogrammetry scan boolean 1/3

Barbie photogrammetry scan boolean 2/3

Barbie photogrammetry scan boolean 3/3

Barbie Doll texture map

Pictured is a kitbashing iteration using toy train obj's as well as piping in Maya. The goal of this iteration was to investigate and understand how pieces can successfully respond to each other in a digital realm. 

Kitbashing 1/3

Kitbashing 2/3

Kitbashing 3/3

Texture Object1/3

Texture Object 2/3

Texture object 3/3

soft/hard study

Soft Iteration 2/8

Soft Iteration 3/8

Rectilinear Prism Iteration 4/8

Rectilinear Prism Iteration 5/8

Highly Articulated Geometry 6/8

Top View Highly Articulated Geometry 7/8

Combination Render 8/8

Occlusion Rendering from mid-term

A speculative and playful texture generated from Zbrush from a past project.

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